Premium Offer January 11, 2019

Simplify and focus your prayer life!

David Chadwick’s latest booklet, 3-Word Prayers, can help you do just that. It suggests a power-packed approach to prayer that cuts through life’s busyness. And, it’s as simple as 1-2-3—just trim your prayers to three words.

This resource and its easy strategy will:

  • Simplify your prayer life.
  • Help you shape more strategic prayers.
  • Sharpen your engagement with Scripture.
  • Encourage you to meditate on God’s presence.

The 3-Word Prayers booklet comes with corresponding sticky notes for recording and posting simple, 3-word prayers. You can stick a “Soothe her soul” note to a crying child’s crib or a “Give me strength” post to your desk at work.

We want to send you TWO copies of 3-Word Prayers and TWO packs of sticky notes as thanks for your gift today to give others a life-giving reason for hope in 2019. Keep one booklet and set of notes for yourself and “pray it forward” by giving the other booklet and notes to a friend.

Also, if you give more than $50 we’ll send you a copy of my 3-Word Prayers CD series to say thanks.



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Stand strong in the attack

Stand strong in the attack

God’s equipped you with exactly what you need to defend yourself from the devil when he comes creeping into your life.

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