Premium Offer January 11, 2019

Simplify and focus your prayer life!

David Chadwick’s latest booklet, 3-Word Prayers, can help you do just that. It suggests a power-packed approach to prayer that cuts through life’s busyness. And, it’s as simple as 1-2-3—just trim your prayers to three words.

This resource and its easy strategy will:

  • Simplify your prayer life.
  • Help you shape more strategic prayers.
  • Sharpen your engagement with Scripture.
  • Encourage you to meditate on God’s presence.

The 3-Word Prayers booklet comes with corresponding sticky notes for recording and posting simple, 3-word prayers. You can stick a “Soothe her soul” note to a crying child’s crib or a “Give me strength” post to your desk at work.

We want to send you TWO copies of 3-Word Prayers and TWO packs of sticky notes as thanks for your gift today to give others a life-giving reason for hope in 2019. Keep one booklet and set of notes for yourself and “pray it forward” by giving the other booklet and notes to a friend.

Also, if you give more than $50 we’ll send you a copy of my 3-Word Prayers CD series to say thanks.



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Live in-tune with the heartbeat of God!

Live in-tune with the heartbeat of God!

We want you to live a righteous, fulfilling life that’s aligned with the heartbeat of God—so you don’t have to live another moment in the miserable pitfalls of sin.

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