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Discover your God-given courage and strength!

Check how well your heart is connected to God’s

Discover your God-given courage and strength!

The Proverbs 31 “woman of valor” must have been something of a warrior. After all, the Hebrew term chayil, translated “valor,” is a military term. 

Marilynn Chadwick draws on Scripture to offer a powerful challenge for all women to discover their true calling as “warriors” in her book, Woman of Valor.

You’ll discover…

  • Real-life stories of incredible women around the world, from America to India, Lebanon, and Sudan

  • Powerful traits you can incorporate into your own life

  • A challenge for all women to become world-changing women of valor

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Thank you for being a voice of reason to encourage all men and women to be the people God created them to be!

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Don't Wait for Great!

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