Article July 1, 2016

A Declaration of Dependence

Britain voted recently to leave the European Union.  The primary reason given by the majority was a desire for self-determination and border control.  Bottom line: It’s was declaration of independence.


In 1776, America declared its independence from Britain.  The primary reason given by the leaders was a desire for self-determination. It was a declaration of independence as well.


Most everyone desires self-determination and independence.  These terms are the bulwark of freedom-loving people everywhere.  If you live in such a country, you should regularly praise God.  It’s a gift from above.  It’s what Americans are celebrating as a nation around July 4th.


But please remember this as well: If you are a follower of Jesus, you need to make another declaration: a declaration of dependence.  You know your sufficiency is solely in Christ.  You know that your life is totally dependent upon him. You know that all you have is a gift from God and you can’t live one second without his life flowing in and through you.


Please enjoy the July 4th weekend!  Remember the beauty of self-determination and freedom.


But also remember that in Jesus and him alone do you live, move, and have your being.


That declaration of dependence is essential to make as well as we celebrate this time of year.

Recover the lost art of honor – and improve your relationships!

Recover the lost art of honor – and improve your relationships!

Strong, healthy relationships require honor –because people must treat each other with respect in order to develop trust and love.