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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Moments of Hope?

Moments of Hope is the media ministry of David and Marilynn Chadwick.  The ministry exists to reach a new generation of Christians and non-believers with biblical teaching and hope.

Why does Moments of Hope exist?

We believe that the hope found in the Gospel of Jesus Christ is the answer to all of the very difficult questions surrounding our communities, cities, nation and world.  David and Marilynn Chadwick have spent nearly 40 years reaching into these areas with a message of hope, rooted in biblical truth.  Through their home church, Forest Hill Church, David and Marilynn have provided a reasonable voice from the Christian perspective and God has used their voices to speak into the most difficult challenges in their hometown of Charlotte, NC and beyond.  


The way that future generations will receive and consume information is changing daily as younger generations pursue new media outlets, channels and platforms.  Moments of Hope exists to ensure that the life transforming truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ is available across the full spectrum of media channels.


We do it because we know that one moment of revelation can bring a whole new perspective to see lives changed and our culture influenced through the truth of His Word.
It’s why we’re committed to being that voice. Because for all who want a reason for hope, we want them to know their life has reason in Him.
And at Moments of Hope, that’s reason enough for us to tell them.

How does Moments of Hope use financial support?

Moments of Hope is 100% donor supported. 


We believe that the bible instructs us to go out into the world and share:


1) The Gospel of Jesus Christ so that all can KNOW the life changing power of God's truth and grace.

2) The inerrant and inspired word of God unpacked in a reasonable voice that can help believers GROW in their Christian walk.

3) Practical and inspirational ways that the mature Christ follower can activate their faith so that they can GO out into the world for Christ.


We rely on the prayers and generosity of Christians who understand that Christian market share across all media channels is being diminished and want these fundamental pursuits of the faith to be easily accessible for current and future generations.

How can I connect with Moments of Hope?

We would love to hear from you.  Please send questions and prayer requests via email to or call our call center at 1-888-399-3996.


We are faithful in our calling to present the hope of Jesus to all.  We believe that our job description is to love God with all that we have, and to love our neighbors.  Unfortunately, we can't answer every incoming email and are unable to give personal counseling advice.

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